Oscars 2017

89th Academy Awards: Oscars 2017


It’s February, which means it’s Oscars time. Now, I don’t put much stock in the awards. I rarely agree with the results and am always disappointed for those that are snubbed. This year, a victim of that is the wonderful Amy Adams, who should be in the Best Actress category. Still, nevertheless, the Academy Awards is a huge part of the film season and it would be wrong if I didn’t write a few words for the occasions. 
So, firstly, these are my predictions for tonight. Please note, I am not including all 24 categories. Enjoy!

Best Picture: La La Land
Best Director: Damien Chazelle, La La Land
Best Actor: Denzel Washington, Fences
Best Actress: Emma Stone, La La Land
Best Supporting Actor: Dev Patel, Lion
Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis, Fences
Best Adapted Screenplay: Moonlight
Best Original Screenplay: The Lobster
Best Cinematography: La La Land
Best Editing: La La Land
Best Original Score: La La Land
Best Original Song: City of Stars, La La Land
Best Production Design: La La Land
Best Sound Mixing: La La Land
Best Sound Editing: Hacksaw Ridge
Best Foreign Film: Toni Erdmann
Best Costume Design: Jackie
Best Hair/Make-Up: Star Trek Beyond


I hope these predictions are wrong. I hope Natalie Portman wins Best Actress. I hope Arrival takes Best Adapted Screenplay. I want Mica Levi to win Best Score for Jackie. But most of all I want Moonlight to upset everyone and win Best Picture. Not because of the issues it deals with. Not because I didn’t care for La La Land. It’s because it’s the best film there, and it deserves the accolade.

But, let’s face it: life isn’t like the movies.


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